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Dada Artist. Ceramics. Sculpture. Lustre Ware. Noted Woman American Artist. Ceramicist.

Beatrice Wood (March 3, 1893March 12, 1998) was an American artist and ceramicist, who late in life was dubbed the "Mama of Dada," and served as a partial inspiration for the character of Rose DeWitt Bukater in James Cameron's 1997 film, Titanic.

Beatrice Wood died nine days after her 105th birthday in Ojai, California. CLICK HERE for the rest of Wikipedia's listing on Beatrice Wood.

Beatrice Wood at Garth Clark - ceramics exhibition; New York, New York

At 100, Beatrice Wood is still potting in fine form. Her new lusterware chalices are adorned with nude figures in high relief. With their legs splayed and their hands on their heads, these figures suggest primal meditation positions or some form of bacchic body worship; the buxom females might also be seen as idealized self-images. After a career as an actress in pre-World War I Paris and New York and as a member of Walter and Louise Arensberg's circle, Wood had an affair with Marcel Duchamp and the diplomat Henri-Pierre Roche that inspired Roche's novel upon which the film Jules and Jim is based. She then followed the Arensbergs to California in 1928 and started potting in 1933 at age 40 by taking classes at Hollywood High.

Wood is an instance of a woman who, after a long and fascinating life, really comes into her own as an artist in her ninth decade. A well-known denizen of Ojai, California, who studied with Krishnamurti and who for the last 28 years has worn only saris, she is currently making enough work to have had three simultaneous shows at Clark's galleries in New York, Kansas City and Los Angeles. Author of five books, including her autobiography I Shock Myself (1988) and The Thirty-Third Wife of the Maharajah (1992) about her travels in India, Wood has become something of an institution, receiving approximately 300 visitors a month who make the pilgrimage to visit her in Ojai...."

CLICK HERE to read the rest of Brooks Adams' article in Sept. 1993 Art in America

Photo of Beatrice Wood at 105

The Biography of Beatrice Wood "... Beatrice Wood was an important contemporary artist, craftperson and writer. Her life ran the course of the 20th century and included many of the figures that shaped it. Ultimately, her genius was in the marriage of wide-ranging influences in her work. The spirit of Dadaism, impact of Modernism, embrace of Eastern philosophy, influence of folk art and even the ornament of ethnic jewelry were all combined in her ceramics. Her work reveals a mastery of form, combined with a preference for the naïveté of folk art. Ultimately, it is impossible to separate her life experiences from the work she created, as she truly mastered the art of a life...." CLICK HERE to view the permanent collection featuring many works of Beatrice Wood.

Tribute Honors Beatrice Wood at Age 104 "... To celebrate the 104th birthday of legendary artist Beatrice Wood, the American Craft Museum in New York City has organized a comprehensive restrospective of her work. Beatrice Wood: A Centennial Tribute encompasses eight decades of Wood's career.... She was a well-known member of the New York Dada Circle, which included such figures as Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia and Man Ray. Many believe that the love triangle that developed among Wood, Duchamp and French Diplomat Henri-Pierre Roché formed the basis of Roché's novel, Jules and Jim, which was later made into the celebrated film by François Truffaut.

"The exhibit is comprised of over 180 examples of her ceramic vessels, figurative ceramic sculpture, drawings, prints and paintings -- with a focus on her ceramic production."

1975 Interview with Beatrice Wood




Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts "... The history of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts is largely the story of Happy Valley. When Annie Besant, a supporter of progressive movements, from female suffrage to Indian independence, first saw the land which is now called Happy Valley, she envisioned that it would be a center for people who would usher in a new world. Besant’s vision contributed to Ojai’s development during the 20th century as a spiritual center and art community. Beatrice Wood moved to Ojai in 1947 and was an important part of its fledgling art community. Today, Ojai enjoys its reputation as an art center, with many talented artists residing there. The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts fulfills much of Annie Besant’s original vision, as a place where arts and education are paramount. It is closely affiliated to the Happy Valley School that will benefit from and contribute to its activities..."

Beatrice Wood Surrounded by Young Men Offering Chocolates shows clever staged photo with a group of young men offering her chocolate... a parody of her famous remark about how she stayed young... "... At age 100, she became the subject of a documentary called "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada," which gave viewers a first-hand look at the legendary artist, who was as famous for her rebellious and insolent wit as she was for her ceramics. Throughout her life, Wood challenged the relevance of age, saying often that "chocolate and young men" were the keys to her longevity. In the last few years of her life, neither her failing health nor her failing hearing were enough to keep her from entertaining guests at her Topa Topa mountain studio and home. She once noted that "chocolate is my passport. Anyone who comes here must bring chocolate if they want a nice visit." From the Craft Report's obituary upon her untimely death at age 105.

Beatrice Wood Art for Sale "... This website contains Beatrice Wood's (1893-1998) artworks for sale,
both fine pottery and works on paper...."


Beatrice Wood at Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery

Beatrice Wood a Garth Clark Gallery ... more works here

A selection of Beatrice Wood Pottery

More Beatrice Wood Pottery

Beatrice Wood Quotes 26 notable quotes by ceramic artist and writer Beatrice Wood.


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