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Dental Health: How to Get It... Low Cost Dental Plans... How to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay... What to Do When You Have a Tooth Ache... Dangers of Mercury and Amalgam Fillings... and More.

Good dental health is one of the major keys to good overall health. Diseased gums and decaying, abscessed teeth can often lead to poor general health and such conditions as strokes and heart disease.

We've assembled links to a group of websites that not only teach you how to take care of dental emergencies, but give you an insight on how to prevent dental problems altogether through proper tooth care and proper diet.

Taking Good Care of Your Teeth Yourself

The Site for Dental Self-Sufficiency

Free eBook: "How to Have Clean, Fresh Breath Every Day for the Rest of Your Life "

Emergency Dental Care

Self Care for Dental Emergencies

Emergency Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

Useful DIY Dental Tips

Dental Associations

American Dental Association

American Academy of Periodontology
"Periodontal diseases are serious bacterial infections that destroy the attachment fibers and supporting bone that hold your teeth in your mouth. Left untreated, these diseases can lead to tooth loss."  This site provides vital education and resources to help prevent such tooth loss.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

List of Dental Associations

Dentists, Dental Groups, Dental Screening  Worldwide, but many UK sources

Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Tooth

Net Wellness on Preventive Dentistry

Affordable Dental Care from

Dentistry for Kids  "Your smile and oral health begins at birth"  Covers dental development, managing harmful diet habits, brushing, pacifier and digit habits and deciding if braces and your child are a good match. It also provides pictures to help parents understand what’s happening as their children’s mouths grow.

Dental Health Guide for Children


Can God Fill Teeth?

According to the followers of Willard Fuller, he can. 

It's a miracle!

"While you watch, you'll witness amalgam fillings turning to gold, while crooked teeth are straightened and, even quite often, new teeth can be seen growing in!"

Testimonials: After two oral surgeons and a dentist told her she needed a root canal, which would cost around $1,000, retired nursing assistant, Audrey Rowley, of Clearwater, Florida, said of her new gold filling: "I spent nearly 30 years in the medical profession…I know how crazy this sounds…I'm still in awe of the whole thing. Now I have the insight that the Lord can do anything."

Check out this interesting premise here.

See also The Amazing Dr. Willard Fuller
"... Pandemonium broke out as one person after another saw gold fillings where there had been none and other startling changes, nothing short of miraculous. Members of the audience rushed up to crowd around someone’s open mouth to watch teeth change before their eyes, while others inspected their own teeth with mirrors that had been passed around the room. Fuller has seen over 40,000 dental healings in his 41-year healing ministry and estimates that the other kinds of healings out-number the dental 3 to 1...."

Holistic Dentistry

Locate a Holistic Dentist

Holistic Dental Network

Center for Holistic Dentistry

Danger of Mercury in Amalgam Fillings

Dental Wellness Institute "... Tom McGuire, DDS is a leading authority on dental wellness, mercury detoxification, and mercury amalgam silver fillings...."

Dental Danger: Silver Mercury Fillings  "The book THE END OF CANCER* ... contains a whole chapter concerning the dangers of amalgam fillings. They state that many European researchers now believe that the highly toxic materials used in dentistry are an important, if not the most important, reason for the cancer epidemic of modern times. They also believe that close to ninety percent of the time, multiple sclerosis is caused by toxic materials placed in patients' teeth. They also state that some of the leading holistic doctors in Germany refuse to treat patients who have amalgams in their teeth, as they know that no treatment can ever be fully effective unless the toxic fillings are removed...."

*Learn how to kill parasites in your body that can cause cancer! Dr. John Lubecki and Charlotte Dubois explain how new discoveries made by European holistic researchers have brought final victory over cancer within our reach.

Huggins Protocol for removing amalgam fillings.  Site also has extensive library of free articles. "... This site focuses on toxic metals obtained through the use of mercury dental amalgams. About 85 percent of our population, over 200 million people, have at least one of their cavities filled with an dental amalgam These amalgams are made up of approximately 50% mercury. The most dangerous route of mercury exposure is the inhalation of mercury vapor, which is especially released when a person chews gum, chews food, drinks a hot beverage and brushes teeth. Could it be that this exposure to mercury and other toxic metals is causing untold damage to our health? That is the question being debated in one of the greatest health controversies of our time...."

Dangers of Root Canals

Root Canals Pose Health Threat - An Interview with George Meinig, D.D.S.

Dentists: Individual

John L. Tate DDS, Spartanburg, SC.  Dr. Tate was healed of Prostate Cancer using William D. Kelley, DDS's protocol... which as a focus on raw foods and enzymes.  He has had a mercury-free practice since 1984. Dr. Tate recommends Beta Glucan supplements before and after oral surgery, accompanied by raw fruit and vegetable juices.

Dr. Sukel's Homepage "... holistic and alternative approaches to dentistry.  The site discusses such topics as fluoride, homeopathy, nutrition, and other current issues such as the use of silver mercury amalgam fillings and the affects they may have on your health...." 

Holistic Treatment of Teeth and Gums with Herbs

Herbs for Dental Health

Dental Implants

World Center for Dental Implantology  An excellent graphic depiction of the various types of implants.


Credit for Dental Procedures

Dental Phobias

Dental Fear Central "... the web's biggest Dental Phobia, Dental Fear and Dental Anxiety Resource..."

The Importance of Flossing

How to Floss with Pictures

Periodontal Disease

American Academy of Periodontology

Virtual Peridontology 

Wikipedia on Periodontis

Periodontal Disease: Causes and Treatments


Market Place

eBay Sniper



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