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Free Energy Real? Or a Delusion?

Is Free Energy for real? Or is it just a tantalizing dream kept alive by wishful thinking and the collective unconscious of mankind... the figment of the imaginations of totally mad scientists.... or as cynics and skeptics proclaim, an easy mark for the unmitigated greed of charlatans and con artists looking for the quick buck.

To facilitate an intelligent dialogue on the subject of free energy we've assembled a collection of websites and videos, both pro and con. We invite you, using an inquiring but discerning mind, to carefully examine these documents and decide for your self "the truth" of Free Energy. You may be surprised at your conclusions.

Zero Point and Free Energy Proponents

"....If we could produce electric effects of the required quality, this whole planet and the conditions of existence on it could be transformed. The sun raises the water of the oceans and winds drive it to distant regions where it remains in state of most delicate balance. If it were in our power to upset it when and wherever desired, this mighty life-sustaining stream could be at will controlled. We could irrigate arid deserts, create lakes and rivers and provide motive power in unlimited amount. This would be the most efficient way of harnessing the sun to the uses of man...." Nikola Tesla

"....It is difficult to imagine a more profound reversal of scientific fortunes than what has been emerging in the "cold fusion" field. One of the most disputed anomalies in the history of science is inexorably heading toward acceptance by the scientific community.''  Dr. Eugene Mallove

The Suppression of Free Energy

According to Magniwork ".... The suppression of free-energy devices such as magniwork as well as other fossil fuel alternatives has been proven and documented. There has even been a documentary dedicated to the suppression of free energy devices called 'The Quest For Free Energy'. Watch the following excerpt of the documentary to find out why free energy devices are banned for public usage....". CLICK HERE for more information.

Top Picks for Sites that Explore Free Energy "... a loose network of researchers, experimenters, interested people and groups who communicate freely and share information. We long ago realized the ONLY way we will ever see these advanced technologies used in our everyday lives is by freely sharing our ideas and discoveries. To achieve that end, we collect and correlate information from many sources which provide insights and direction toward making these goals a reality. This information is then freely and openly shared with all in the form of files and through the discussion list. Our hope is to engender novel experiments which might yield phenomena and independently reproducible results. We try to use the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) approach (as in limited 'pop and flash' graphics), after all, this is a content based website intended to inspire, evoke thought and induce people to question what they are told about science, physics and the nature of our reality...." "... established in 1982 by Robert A. Nelson to archive and distribute Information about suppressed, dormant, or emerging Sciences, Technologies, Inventions, Theories, Therapies, and miscellaneous Alternatives that offer Hope of helping to Liberate Humanity from itself. Enow, Freedom, Truth, Love and Earth are gravely wounded, while Time is accelerating/compressing -- runnning out with the Oxygen & Stuff -- in these Latter Days of Civilization as we knew it... "

ZPEnergy - The Energy of The Future ".... This is a NEWS PORTAL dedicated to experimental research on REVOLUTIONARY ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. We propose to you to use this site as THE concentrator of choice for valuable news on the fascinating but still controversial subject of over-unity (O/U) fuel-less energetics (devices tapping the Zero Point Energy (ZPE)/ Vacuum/ Cosmic/ Ambient energy fields) and related. We want to let the general public know that this is an active field and good progress is made towards validating this technology and bringing the first commercial operational device to the market...."

Paul Baumann's Testatika Machine "... the electron cascade generator, and the Methernitha has two of them, held inside the two horseshoe magnets, and providing the circuits to the magnets are made to oscillate at the right frequency at a high enough voltage then these metalised-perspex laminated blocks can enmass A MUCH LARGER AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY THAN WHAT IS PUT INTO THEM...." Definition of Testatika machine.

JLN Labs a free-energy experimental group in France.

Free Energy News

Energy from the Vacuum: The Tom Bearden Site

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels." Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla
"Tesla believed in an all-pervading ether. He felt the ether was always in motion, that this motion was the basis of electricity, and ascribed all electric and magnetic phenomena to electrostatic molecular forces.... .When asked how he was able to bring through so many ideas, he replied that he simply started with a strong desire to invent a particular thing. After weeks, months or years of holding the idea and possible solutions in his head, eventually there was a second stage where he inwardly felt he could solve the problem and the details would slowly surface consciously. At this point, he would begin to visualise the mechanisms and such that would later be actually built. In 30 years of such relaxed 'tapping in' there was never an invention that failed to work."

Life and Legacy of Tesla, Master of Lightning
This is a magnificent site by PBS based on its Tesla series. Includes a Virtual Tour of Tesla's Niagara Power System, a synopsis of Tesla's key inventions, a history of Tesla from his early childhood to his death. a simple overview of electricity, interviews with Tesla experts, selected Tesla articles and addresses,

Tesla Foundation of North America

# is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of Nikola Tesla and his inventions, works & papers;....
# TFNA promotes credible advancement in the fields of power engineering and energy sciences derived from Tesla's work among inventors, scholars & industry.
# The TFNA furthers Tesla's lasting positive effect on mankind through the administration of the Annual TFNA "Tesla Award" & "Tesla Scholarship" programs.
# The Foundation serves as 'provost ad hoc' for IOTAMSA, or The International Organization of Tesla Associations, Museums, Societies & Affiliates and it's members.
# The Tesla Foundation is also producing the 1st "Joint Tesla Engine and Tesla Coil Builder's Convention" & "Lightning Bolt Rally" to be held in 2008

Tesla Wardencliffe Project
"Our mission is the preservation and adaptive reuse of Wardenclyffe, the century-old laboratory of electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York."

Nikola Tesla Page by Bill Beatty

See also's CyberReport: Nikola Tesla

Aetherometry "... the exact science of the metrics of massfree energy (Aether), is a novel biophysical and nanometric science, or scientific discipline, developed by Dr. Paulo N. Correa and Alexandra N. Correa as a synthesis of experimental and analytical work that replicated, revised and continued the scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla, Louis de Broglie, Wilhelm Reich (orgonomy, orgonometry), René Thom (catastrophe theory) and Harold Aspden. Its object of study is massfree energy...."

Cold Fusion ... A Viable Free Energy Solution?

Wikipedia: Cold fusion is a controversial effect reported by some researchers to have been produced from nuclear reaction at conditions near room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Wired Magazine on Cold Fusion:

Fusion Experiments Show Nuclear Power's Softer Side "... All but abandoned 20 years ago, nuclear energy is again hot news. But while new fission reactors vie with wind turbines and biofuels to raise the old NIMBY hackles, some look to a future where atoms are spliced, not split. ' The promise of nuclear fusion is safe, clean energy,' said Rob Goldston, director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. 'With fusion, if all the fuel burns at once, your shift supervisor will get annoyed with you. With fission, if it all burns at once, your nearest 200,000 neighbors have to move out of their homes.' Fusion fuel is made from water instead of dangerous elements like uranium. Not only is it safe, but the oceans provide an endless supply. There is, however, a problem: Fusion doesn't work. In hopes of changing that, international consortia have plunged billions into research, with the latest project, ITER, tagged at $13.3 billion. Even so, scientists expect it will take ITER decades to consistently produce more energy than its consumes...."

What if Cold Fusion is Real? Wired Magazine (11/98): "It was the most notorious scientific experiment in recent memory - in 1989, the two men who claimed to have discovered the energy of the future were condemned as imposters and exiled by their peers. Can it possibly make sense to reopen the cold fusion investigation? A surprising number of researchers already have.... On March 23, 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced their discovery of "cold fusion." It was the most heavily hyped science story of the decade, but the awed excitement quickly evaporated amid accusations of fraud and incompetence. When it was over, Pons and Fleischmann were humiliated by the scientific establishment; their reputations ruined, they fled from their laboratory and dropped out of sight. "Cold fusion" and "hoax" became synonymous in most people's minds, and today, everyone knows that the idea has been discredited. Or has it? In fact, despite the scandal, laboratories in at least eight countries are still spending millions on cold fusion research. During the past nine years this work has yielded a huge body of evidence, while remaining virtually unknown - because most academic journals adamantly refuse to publish papers on it. At most, the story of cold fusion represents a colossal conspiracy of denial. At least, it is one of the strangest untold stories in 20th-century science..." CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

Scientific American Magazine on Cold Fusion:

What is the current scientific thinking on cold fusion? Is there any possible validity to this phenomenon? (1999)

Back to Square One: Government review repeats cold fusion conclusions (2005)

Cold Fusion Energy Research Co. "... This website is designed to provide the reader with the evidence for the reality of cold fusion heat, and the theory that explains how it can occur.  The early problem of poor reproducibility has been avoided in studies carried out by Drs. Arata and Zhang at Osaka University in Japan.  These pioneering studies used palladium catalyst coated with adsorbed water.  Further progress has been made by using fine powders of palladium embedded in zirconium oxide crystal.  A technique developed by Arata and Zhang for selecting candidate catalytic powder suggests that nickel can likely be substituted for palladium.    These technical developments suggest that cold fusion energy can play a major role in reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuel.  The applicable theory is consistent with the treatment of atomic orbitals and chemical bonds as practiced by today's chemists.  The correct theory is compatible with an improved interpretation of quantum mechanics, as taught in English  mathematician Roger Penrose's recent book 'The Road to Reality'.  Students studying this website will be able to understand how cold fusion works, and its prospects for providing safe home heaters purchased with an internally contained lifetime supply of heavy hydrogen fuel...." 

Infinite Energy Foundation and Magazine "... was founded by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove who, until his murder in May 2004, was the leading proponent of new energy/new science. His advocacy for the new energy field was unrivaled. The Foundation continues after his death as a testament to his life’s work and his commitment to unearthing new sources of energy and new paradigms in science...."

The Return of Nuclear Fusion?
"... They call themselves "fusion gypsies"—scientists who have travelled the world, moving from one nuclear reactor to the next, living the dream that some day, somewhere, they can re-create the reactions that take place in the heart of the stars to generate huge amounts of cheap, clean electricity for the world.
Their goal is nuclear power, but not as we know it. This is fusion and not fission. Fission involves mining, processing and irradiating vast amounts of uranium, and leaving behind an even larger legacy of radioactive waste with half-lives stretching into the next ice age. Whereas, say the fusion gypsies, a small vanload of fuel supplied to a fusion power station could supply the electricity needs of a city of 1m people for a year, and leave behind only paltry amounts of radioactive waste that will decay to nothing within a century...." CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

Cold Fusion Times offers a selection of articles from Infinite Energy magazine.

Cold Fusion "Fire from Water" Video "... Arthur C. Clarke states his opinion that cold fusion is a real phenomenon and despite the skepticism of Douglas Morrison, other scientists like Michael McKubre at SRI International and French physicist Jean Vigier are convinced of its validity..." CLICK HERE for slower speed connections. "...

Some Free Energy Inventions

Commercially-Available  Free Energy and Zero Point Energy Applications "... was founded to commercially develop and globally market a range of revolutionary energy technologies, with the aim of providing a foundation for the peace, health and prosperity of all people and for a sustainable world that supports all life. ZPower's capabilities include a wide range of services, including intellectual property protection, development finance, corporate structures, tax planning, licensing, marketing and forming strategic partnerships for manufacture and sales. ZPower's plans include a well proven, high leverage route for rapid deployment of technology worldwide...."

".... commercial levels of power can be generated at typical power-plant operating temperatures and at higher power densities..." BlackLight Power, Inc

BlackLight Power, Inc. ".... has created a commercially competitive, nonpolluting new primary source of energy. Atomic hydrogen ordinarily has a stable electronic state that is much higher in energy than allowed by thermodynamic laws. From the solved physical structure of electrons in atoms, a process to release the latent energy of the hydrogen atom was invented. In BlackLight's patented process, atomic hydrogen is reacted with a catalyst, and energy is released as the electrons of atomic hydrogen are induced by the catalyst to undergo transitions to lower energy levels to form lower-energy hydrogen atoms called hydrinos...."

Future Horizons-Advanced Technology "... is a small research and developtment group dedicated to making secret, supressed and controversial information accessible to interested individuals. Our goal is to develop new advanced technologies and concepts and help move mankind into the 21st century and beyond..."

EarthTech International was founded by by Harold E. Puthoff, PhD, (Can the Vacuum be Engineered for Space Flight Applications? "is dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics. Our activities are primarily centered around investigations into various aspects of the zero-point field. In addition we perform evaluations of reported "over-unity" energy devices. We specialize in performing accurate power-balance measurements using calorimetry" 

EarthFirst Technology "... a specialized holding company that owns subsidiaries engaged in researching, developing and commercializing technologies for the production of alternative fuel sources and the destruction and/or remediation of liquid and solid waste, and in supplying electrical contracting services internationally...." "... The PLASMA ARC FLOW™ process recycles liquid waste into a cost competitive and clean burning biogas, known as MagneGas™. Interchangeable with Natural Gas.... MagneGas™ custom builds recyclers to the specification of its customers. Products range from a 35KW unit that produces MagneGas for a metal cutting shop up to a 1 megawatt plant capable of processing sludge for a city.  "Total" mode recyclers for the total elimination of oil based liquids and the maximization of fuel production are available in various configurations via direct sales.  All other recyclers such as those to process sewage, sludge or manure require the purchase of a 50kw or 100kw TEST unit to conduct all onsite testing after which time an Industrial high volume unit can be constructed to exact specifications...." Several years ago, we copied the following information from the's website:

Santilli Magnegas Technology  "Following systematic research initiated in 1978 at Harvard University and conducted under various research contracts from the U. S. Department of Energy (contracts numbers ER-78-S-02-47420.A000, AS02-78ER04742, DE-ACO2-80ER10651, DE-ACO2-80ER-10651.A001, and DE-ACO2-80ER10651.A002), Dr. Santilli has concluded that one of the most efficient ways to synthesize new combustible gases in large volumes and in short periods of time, is via the use of an electric arc within specially selected liquids... Santilli's Magnegas™ can be cost competitive with that of gasoline when it is produced as a byproduct (rather than as the primary objective) in the recycling of non-radioactive, carbon-rich liquid wastes, such as: antifreeze and other liquid waste available in automotive service stations; towns, farms, or homes liquid wastes; liquid wastes from industrial productions; etc. The recycling of these wastes, which is notoriously expensive, provides all the necessary income to operate the equipment. Combustible gases are then essentially produced at costs solely including storage, handling, and transportation."

Video: "... A Japanese vehicle manufacturer unveiled the prototype of a new electric motorbike carrying a hybrid magnetic motor, which can run almost noiselessly up to 180 kilometres (112 miles) on one charge. Tokyo-based Axle Corporation says that the battery of the next-generation electric vehicle motorbike can be charged at home, in the same way as a cellular phone. It takes a little over 6 hours to fully charge the battery, and the vehicle's maximum speed is capable of reaching 150 kilometres per hour (93 miles per hour). The company says the futuristic motorbike enjoys high energy efficiency thanks to a state-of-the-art magnetic motor which is a hybrid between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet. The new motor, called SUMO, short for "super motor," is housed inside the bike's rear wheel. The manufacture says the new motor is seven-times more cost efficient than gas-powered scooters..."

More Information on Free Energy

Some articles by Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Retired)Tom Bearden:

Tachyon Energy, Can it Change Almost Anything? (Tachyon = Prana, Chi, Universal Life Force Energies, Aura)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducts basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security.

Free Energy Publication and Ezines

Cold Fusion Times

Infinite Energy Magazine

Access to Energy "is a pro-science, pro-technology, pro-free enterprise monthly newsletter packed with information and comment on science, technology and energy and on those who would restrict your access to it." 

Free Energy E Mail Lists

Free Energy "... an update and discussion list on the topic of Free Energy claims. Warning, it has a dynamic mix of acerbic skeptics and determined believers. It covers topics like: over unity, Tesla engines, Dennis Lee, Newman, Tilley, Pantone, zero point energy, mono poles, conspiracy theory, perpetual motion and even 100 mpg carburetors...."

Free-Energy Mailing List


Water as a Fuel

The Quest for Overunity  An excellent site from JLN Labs (France).  Jean-Louis Naudin has brought together many EXCELLENT ideas into a single nexus!  Includes links to such sites or articles as Cold Fusion by Plasma Electrolysis of Water, Low Current Electrolysis of Water, and Water as a New Source of Energy

"Dr Andrija Puharich reportedly drove his motor home for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s using only water as fuel. At a mountain pass in Mexico, he collected snow for water..."

Andrija Puharich, FREE Energy...
and the Use of Water for Fuel.....

Download and read this FREE BOOK... a VERY INTERESTING READ!:

Memories of a Maverick  A biography of Andrija Puharich, M.D. LLD. 
internationally acclaimed American scientist, inventor, researcher, physicist, theorist, and author. Editor of "THE ICELAND PAPERS" (Select Papers on Experimental and Theoretical Research on the Physics of Consciousness) 1979. Dr. Puharich was a leader in the field of psychical research, merging quantum mechanics and relativity into a new scientific world-view to examine the way in which brain/mind function gives rise to a focused consciousness.

"In 1980, Puharich resumed studies on properties of water, beginning with the problem of how to devise a more efficient method of converting water into fuel that could produce energy and power.

The method was awarded a U.S. patent in 1983. No. 4,394,230."

Andrija Puharich: Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis

"... There seems to be a new interest in Puharich's patent (US Patent # 4,394,230) even though it is more than 20 years old (interesting reading). Below is some info from the site:

"Dr Andrija Puharich reportedly drove his motor home for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s using only water as fuel. At a mountain pass in Mexico, he collected snow for water.

Here is the only article he wrote on the subject, plus his patent:

" ...Visionary scientists tell us that the ideal fuel in the future will be as cheap as water, that it will be non toxic both in its short term, and in its long term, effects, that it will be renewable in that it can be used over and over again, that it will be safe to handle, and present minimal storage and transportation problems and costs. And finally that it will be universally available anywhere on earth. What is this magical fuel, and why is it not being used? The fuel is water. It can be used in its fresh water form. It can be used in its salt water form. It can be used in its brackish form. It can be used in its snow and ice form. When such water is decomposed by electrolytic fission into hydrogen and oxygen gases, it becomes a high energy fuel with three times the energy output which is available from an equivalent weight of high grade gasoline...."

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

"... andrija puharich water fuel hydrogen injector of 1970 stanley meyer copied it
.it uses radiolysis electrolysis and "SUPER HEATED STEAM"(1600 times normal)under pressure, heavy water (deuterium oxide)snow and hail best . AC CURRENT( NOT DC ) magnatron,and no air filter (daniel dingle says this ) redesigned diesel injector or spark plug,tipcut off to earth to outer case of plug. made of palladium/gold cathode. hit it with a plasma ignitor,tesla coil effect/ligthening (microwave) in the vacuum downstroke of the engine.HIT WITH 610 630 12,000 HTZ IN HARMONY. BINGO. YOU HAVE WATER FUELED CAR ATOMIC POWER .also may be a platinum made injector tip will cause hydrogen to explode without the plasma..for anyone that knows this other catalyst action .reply please. tel 0044 1773 590426 if you want to get a practicle example set is the full site to go to ..."

More on Puharich: A Way to Peace Through ELF Waves

Free Energy Inventions Welcomed... and Challenged  

Eric Krieg's Offer of a $10,000 prize to anyone who can pass his "Free Energy Test"  

The James Randi Foundation Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge would presumably reward an inventor who materialized energy out of thin air... or water.

Thomas Henry Moray

T. Henry Moray's "extensive work in the field carries over from Nicola Tesla's earlier theme that the earth was enveloped in an electrical energy zone that was free to be harnessed. "From 1909 to 1943, Dr T Henry Moray, an electrical engineer and inventor worked on the development of what he called "Radiant Energy". Most investigators believe that this energy is the same energy tapped by Lester J Hendershot. However, Moray was a much more well educated man and his device was both more sophisticated and more successful in producing usable amounts of power. Morays device can be compared to Hendershot's in much the same way one could compare a superheterodyne radio receiver to a crystal set."  

Wikipedia on Thomas Henry Moray "... Dr. Moray developed what he termed the "Moray Valve" - a device for extracting "radiant energy" from the "energy waves of the universe", which he thought to be an inexhaustible environmental energy source.... The Moray energy device is built on fairly simple principles. We can divide it into three section. 1.antenna 2.Resonance front end 3.Transfer device or Moray Valve 4. Output power section. Contrary to popular belief, the Moray device is not based on zero point energy. The device capturers energy that comes to the earth from space. This energy mostly comes from the solar winds. We can see the Aurora or northern lights. Large solar storms have been known to damage electrical equipment and cause arcing in the far north. When high energy electrons from the sun are captured by the earths magnetic field they spiral at a frequency determined by the intensity of the magnetic field. This frequency is called the cyclotron frequency. By building a long horizontal antenna of the correct height, length and orientation you can setup a standing wave between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere, the layer of the atmosphere that is used for reflecting radio wave in long range communications. This standing wave helps synchronize the energy just as the mirrors in a laser synchronize the emissions in the active medium. The high Q resonance front end is used for tunning and storing the energy that is coupled to the antenna. This frequency should be between 2 Mhz and 6 Mhz depending on the location of the receiver. The higher the voltage that can be built up on the antenna the better coupling to the active medium in the ionosphere and the more energy you can get.... " CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

Excerpts from T. Henry Moray's The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats

The Moray Radiant Energy Device "In the early 1900's, Dr. T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City produced his first device to tap energy from the metafrequency oscillations of empty space itself. Eventually Moray was able to produce a free energy device weighing sixty pounds and producing 50,000 watts of electricity for several hours. Ironically, although he demonstrated his device repeatedly to scientists and engineers, Moray was unable to obtain funding to develop the device further into a useable power station that would furnish electrical power on a mass scale."

Dr. T. Henry Moray "... was one of the most talented electrical circuit designers in the emerging field of radio. After hundreds of experiments designed to improve radio reception, Moray discovered a source of energy transmission apparently available everywhere. Using advanced ideas in solid state detectors, he developed a power source that produced 50,000 watts of a cold form of electricity. By the early 1930's dozens of people had witnessed demonstrations of this astonishing technology..."

Fate Magazine's Article: Alchemist 1956

T. H. Moray Radiant Energy Tube Showcase

Also see TheLivingWeb CyberReport: Moray and Radiant Energy

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved?  Johann Bessler... History or Hoax.  

Two FREE Audiobooks RISK-FREE from Audible

Some Controversial Proponents of Free Energy

Dennis Lee's Home Page 

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

Paul Pantone: GEET System As described on the now-defunct website "...The GEET Fuel Processor is a self-inducing Plasma generator.... Try to imagine owning the "ultimate" home production power plant; it heats your water, generates electricity, takes care of heating and air conditioning, etc, by utilizing the waste heat from refrigeration and applying it to storage or hot water, while the generator is giving you all the electricity you want. This is all possible using the GEET Fuel Processor. In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. With it, there is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on cars."

Project Magnet (see Creation of the Gravito Magnetic Device) As previously described on now-defunct "... Project Magnet was created by Pierre Sinclaire in an effort to distribute information concerning the development of new anti-gravitational technology. This technology introduced to him by David Hamel has been the focus of much argument and debate. Mr. Hamel has spent over twenty years trying to convince the public of the viability of his ideas. No one listened. No one could believe such a thing was possible..... It has fostered the development of a new GMD (Gravito Magnetic Device) proto- type, accurate autocad drawing of this device, an authorized publication of life of David Hamel, (THE GRANITE MAN AND BUTTERFLY) as well as two videos on lectures given by Pierre Sinclaire about the technology and ideas expressed by David Hamel." Also See's 1997 Project Magnet update, Hamel's Flying Disc, David Hamel Index page.

Magnetic Power Generator

According to Magniwork "... A Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator. It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion. It runs by itself, indefinitely without stopping, thus creating completely free electrical energy, which can fully power your home for free. A Perpetual motion device refers to a machine that runs perpetually i.e. indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces free energy indefinitely, runs by itself, without having to need a third-party device or resource to power it. The free energy devices have been suppressed by the corporate world, because such devices, would allow people to create their own energy for free, which would ultimately shut down the big energy corporations, because people won't need to pay anymore for electricity to fill their pockets...." CLICK HERE for more information.

Free Energy Skeptics and Critics

The Museum of Unworkable Devices

The Museum of Unworkable Devices "... is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures. Watch and be amazed as we bring to life eccentric and even intricate perpetual motion machines that have remained steadfastly unmoving since their inception. Marvel at the ingenuity of the human mind, as it reinvents the square wheel in all of its possible variations. Exercise your mind to puzzle out exactly why they don't work as the inventors intended...." This virtual museum has a fascinating array of documents and photographs including

  • John Worrell Keely and the Keely Motor Company "...Biographers have described Keely as a "mechanical experimenter", "inventor and imposter", "professor of perfidy", "swindler", and "scandalous scamp". Keely's lack of formal scientific education didn't bother his supporters, and didn't deter Keely himself from grandly proclaiming his theories as "scientific". Keely expounded his ideas using an elaborate theory of the "etheric force", spiced with eloquently profound terms such as: "sympathetic equilibrium, quadrupole negative harmonics, etheric disintegration". His backers were duly impressed. He looked with condescending pity on those who appeared not to understand..." Many original photos and

PHACT (Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking)'s page on Dennis Lee with a wide variety of fascinating links including Test of Lee's '300% Efficient Motor', a transcription of CNBC's Interview with Dennis Lee, an interesting radio report ... and numerous links to media articles. And he also questions quite a few others... such as Newman Point by Point, and Amazing Similarities Between Joe Newman and Dennis Lee.

James Randi Educational Foundation: Crackpot Inventions

Free Energy with Wires and Magnets: Can You Come Out Ahead?

Redheffer's Perpetual Motion Machine says "... In 1812 a man called Charles Redheffer appeared in Philadelphia. He had with him a miraculous perpetual motion machine that required no source of energy to run. Or so he claimed. He set up a working model of this machine on the outskirts of the city, near the banks of the Schuylkill River, and displayed it to curious Philadelphians. He also applied for funds from the city government to build a larger version of the machine. On January 21, 1813 eight city commissioners visited Redheffer. Their intent was to inspect his machine in order to determine whether he should be granted the funds he had requested. Redheffer carefully watched them during their inspection, and he stopped them whenever they tried to get too close to the machine, claiming that he was concerned they might damage it. Nevertheless, one of the inspectors still managed to notice something strange about the machine: it was not working in the way that Redheffer claimed that it worked...." CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

In the year 2000, the following text was taken from an article posted at, and which no longer seems to be available at that site:

"KEELY'S MOTOR A HOAX! It was not until after Keely's death that the fraudulent nature of his scheme was established. It was then brought out by an examination of his laboratory after the motor had been removed, and it was found that the extraordinary performances of his complicated machinery were controlled from a cellar in which a source of motive power was operated. This source of power was not actually identified but pipes and connections seemed to indicate pretty plainly that it was compressed air, which could be manipulated by the demonstrator in the laboratory. Yet his real secret has never been revealed. The motor was taken to Boston and set up, but it failed to exhibit any "etheric force" when subjected to any vibratory influence, after its removal form the laboratory in Philadelphia. For a period of more than twenty-five years did this remarkable trickster not only keep his chicanery hidden but escaped the discovery that his pretensions really were impostures, and this in the face of experts and others who witnessed tests of his machine.""It was not until after Keely's death that the fraudulent nature of his scheme was established. It was then brought out by an examination of his laboratory after the motor had been removed, and it was found that the extraordinary performances of his complicated machinery were controlled from a cellar in which a source of motive power was operated. This source of power was not actually identified but pipes and connections seemed to indicate pretty plainly that it was compressed air, which could be manipulated by the demonstrator in the laboratory. Yet his real secret has never been revealed. The motor was taken to Boston and set up, but it failed to exhibit any "etheric force" when subjected to any vibratory influence, after its removal form the laboratory in Philadelphia. For a period of more than twenty-five years did this remarkable trickster not only keep his chicanery hidden but escaped the discovery that his pretensions really were impostures, and this in the face of experts and others who witnessed tests of his machine." 

Cold Fusion Research  "Proponents of 'cold fusion' claim that nuclear fusion can be made to happen in an apparatus similar to one commonly found in a high school chemistry lab. This claim promises a total solution to the world's energy problems; it was controversial from the start, and was eventually rejected by the mainstream scientific community. Cold Fusion Research, a report released by the US Department of Energy in November of 1989, reflected the consensus of mainstream science on the cold fusion issue, and continues to reflect that consensus today, even as cold fusion claims continue to be made by small groups of scientific dissidents. NCAS presents the full text of the report as an aid to rational analysis of these claims." Freely distributed by the National Capital Area Skeptics

See also:

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