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How to Save and Make Money by Recycling
How having a "Green Consciousness" can put $$ in your pocket. Buy and Sell Used Anything.

How to Make and Save Money by Recycling.... and By Buying Used Goods.

How "Going Green" Can Put Money in Your Pocket.

"Being Green" or "Recycling" can mean different things to different people. To some, it just means putting your aluminum cans and paper goods in appropriate bins and placing them on the sidewalk while continuing to shop the malls for the latest goods. To others, it means shopping "used" in every facet of one's life while finding ways to re-use or recycle everything that you buy -- from housing to clothing to newspapers to shipping materials to automobiles, etc, etc.

One thing to take into consideration is that the more people recycle, the greater impact it is going to have on the global economy, which depends largely on people throughout the world continuing to buy new goods: newly built homes, the latest automobile, this year's fashion in clothing and shoes, the latest appliances, and so forth..

If you are someone who buys EVERYTHING on the used market...scouring the classifieds and ebay and thrift stores and flea markets for everything that you and your family need, then you're not going to have the same positive impact on the U.S. gross national product as someone who buys the latest and newest items and is the consummate consumer of new goods.

If you make a concerted effort to buy EVERYTHING used, and to take advantage of all the free and low cost ways to live that we feature throughout including free travel, growing your own food or shopping at farmers markets, free books, etc., then your dollar will likely go two or three times farther than someone who buys everything new. Take a look at the menu on the left, and check out the many ways provides to save money!

How to Make Money by Recycling

Once upon a time, when you thought about making money by recycling, you thought about saving aluminum cans and newspapers and turning them in to make money for a PTA project or service club. Nowadays, there are many opportunities to make money while contributing to an overall goal of "living green".

However, there are many, many other ways to make money by opening the kind of store you would enjoy frequenting... opening a bricks and mortar and/or a virtual online store selling the items you enjoy buying.

Books: Open an upscale used book store, and/or sell on,,, Alibris, etc.

Clothing: Open a high end 'recycled' clothing boutique. Could be a combination of a physical store with an online presence -- either a free standing website and/or an ebay store.

Furniture: Open a high end furniture consignment stores coupled with a website which promotes and sells 24/7.

Antiques Sell all types of antiques ranging from mid-Century to antiquities... either in a physical store and/or an online store.


High End Consignment Stores Can Make a Lot of Money While Recycling

High end consignment stores which sell everything from used designer furniture to designer clothing are making their owners a lot of money while contributing to a Green Planet. There are two ways to make money with consignment stores... one obviously is to put your unworn clothes and unused furniture on consignment. The other potentially far more lucrative way to make money is to open your own consignment store.

One of the keys to opening a consignment store is to keep it upscale. Be very choosy about what items you will take. Edit. Edit. Edit. Learn to politely say 'no' to items that don't fit in with your store's image.

Be careful about how you display your goods. Look at successful retail stores and boutiques that sell similar items at full retail and study carefully what makes their stores sucessful and appealing. Apply what you learn to your own store.

Design It With Consignment "... the upscale consignment boutique that is changing Austin’s perceptions of “consignment shopping”.... Lisa first discovered consignment shopping at the urging of a designer friend who was helping her decorate her first home with her husband, Dan. Their newlywed budget was tight, but she did not want to compromise her desire for quality furniture.  Shopping at upscale furniture consignment stores became the perfect solution! While traveling with her job in corporate America, Lisa had the opportunity to shop in dozens of consignment furniture stores across the US, Canada, and even Mexico. By the time she was caught in a corporate downsizing, the seeds for Design It With Consignment had already taken root...."

How to Open a Consignment Store "... You do not need to have a business background or retail experience to open a consignment store. What you do need is ambition, the right location, quality merchandise and a helpful personality, along with some advice from someone who's already done it...."

Too Good to be Threw "Premier website for professional resellers" Free downloadable ebook "How to Open Your Own Shop"

Make Money on eBay by Recycling

Green Shipping Tips "... In all my years of selling on eBay, the only shipping material I've ever purchased was tape! I've been shipping "green" since 1997. My green shipping practices started, not as much out of concern for the environment at the time but because, as a single mom with three kids, I was on a tight budget. I shipped beanie babies in empty boxes of cereal, oatmeal, cookies and the best Hostess cupcakes money could buy. Even as my sales grew, it made no sense to me to spend money on shipping material, when there was an abundance of free supplies all around me..."




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