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How to Travel for Free as a Tour Leader.
'Affinity Travel' Guides enjoy traveling the world for free while developing friendships based on shared experiences and common interests.

How to Travel Anywhere in the World for Free as a Group or Tour Leader

If you belong to virtually ANY kind of special interest group and you love to travel, you have a natural way of turning your interests and love of sharing adventure into potentially a LIFESTYLE of FREE TRAVEL.

Are you a member of an alumni association, fraternal organization, or any type of special interest group where people gather to share their common interests in gardening, golf, crafting, etc? Are you a lifetime learner whose enthusiasm for knowing spills over into volunteering at your local museum or theater group or being a member of a reading club? If you do, then you already know just how rewarding it can be to spend time with fellow afficionados.

So why not share your love of learning and travel with the same people you are already sharing your leisure time passions and pastimes with by organizing a tour based on your interests and then inviting members of your group to come along. You can even EXTEND your invitation to others who are interested by advertising your tour via various social media venues. What better way to meet new folks who share your passions... spend a week or two traveling with them... and develop new relationships which often evolve into lifelong friendships!

If you can organize or assemble a group of from 5 to 20 people (depending on tour company) ... you can travel just about anywhere in the world for free! 

Here are just a few of the many possibilities which await you as a potential tour organizer and leader.

Adventure and Specialty Travel

Goway Group Travel

"... one of the oldest and largest tour wholesalers in North America specializing in long-haul group travel to the South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe! GroupsOnly caters to both affinity and special interest groups of all budget levels and durations, customizing the itinerary to fit the specific needs and interests of the group..."

Discover France

"Are you looking to book a package of travel for a group of friends? Perhaps for your corporate event, or you club? Whatever group you may be part of or lead, we have a number of themes we can organize for any group of 6 or larger."

"Some of the possible themes include: cycling, hiking, cooking, photography, architecture, wine, military history,antiques, religious theme, barging/river travel, as well as extreme sports like mountaineering, via ferrata, canyoning, and more."

"Our groups include cycling clubs, garden clubs and arboretums, families and family reunions, hiking clubs, outdoor clubs, groups of friends, photography teachers and their classes, antique store owners and their clients, and so on."

"Naturally, special pricing applies to groups. This usually means lower per person costs, depending on the services requested. We can arrange motorcoach services, deluxe chateaux hotels, or modest B&B's with basic vehicle support. The range is wide open. Also, we have a great incentive for group leaders to travel for free, so if you are the one to organize your fellow enthusiasts, then ask us about FREE TRAVEL!"

Go Ahead Vacations

As a Go Ahead Group Coordinator, you'll enjoy the best benefits the industry has to offer, including:

  • Free travel for you when you bring along just seven other group members.*
  • Additional free places or a generous cash bonus when you recruit more than seven group members.
Asian Travel

Regent Tour China

If you have 15 friends that want to go for a China Trip, you just got a free trip for yourself. Regent China Tours works with individuals and groups, providing support and free trips to tour organizers. If you belong to a book club, or a local library member group, or a church, you may want to ask if there are interests in taking a China Trip. After all, what we offer is a carefully selected program with key cities, luxury hotels and quality sightseeing at an extremely low fare. We have people who didn't want to go to that far away land, and yet got on the trip anyway simply because they can afford it.

"Whenever you sign up a group of 16 people or more to Regent, you will enjoy a free trip to yourself, travelling as the group leader with the group. Of course, if you have a group of 32 people, you will have 2 free tour packages to China. We will pay all your air and land fares.'


Articles on Free and Cheap Travel

How to Travel for Free by Leading or Promoting Tours  Whether you're 16 or 60, you CAN travel just about anywhere in the world for free -- and even with a nice stash of cash in your pocket -- by telling like-minded people about a trip and convincing them to go with you.  Get 5 to 20 to book the same trip, and your trip is free.

Free Time and Free Travel: How to Reap the Rewards of Leading Educational Tours "Once I found a company.... I had to find the minimum number of students required for a free trip. Most tour operators offer one free place for every six paying students. College students I assumed like to travel through Europe while lugging big backpacks and sleeping in hostels. But what about students who cannot or don’t want to travel in the rough? Take for example my 17-year old student. She should not have wandered Europe on her own, but she wanted to travel abroad. Her mother wanted the security of a group, with a responsible adult in charge. My trip to Ireland suited them both...."

Some more examples of free travel opportunities for affinity tour leaders

Grand Circle Tours

"Refer new travelers and earn a FREE TRIP as a Vacation Ambassador with the BEST referral program in the travel industry YOU earn rewards for each new traveler you refer—ranging from $100 to a FREE TRIP -- plus NEW TRAVELERS instantly save $100 on the cost of their first trip The more travelers you refer, the greater your rewards! When you refer 8 new travelers who depart in the span of two calendar years, you'll earn a FREE TRIP. New travelers can reserve their own trip or join you on a trip; either way, the Vacation Ambassador rewards apply."

YMT Vacations

  • As a group leader, you can earn cash rebates for specially selected tour dates. For established groups of eight departing guests or more, YMT Vacations offers cash rebates post-departure based on the number of members in your group and your vacation itinerary.

    We have an affordable vacation for almost any group! We offer great motor coach and motor coach/cruise combination itineraries to exciting destinations like Hawaii, Europe, the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Great Northwest, New England and Canada. Additionally, we specialize in offering unique itineraries to popular North American destinations such as the Canadian Rockies, National Parks and Rose Parade.

    YMT Vacations will create and print customized flyers for established groups, making specific details about your trip easy to communicate to the members of your group. Marketing travel has never been easier.

Vantage Travel

"As a Group Leader for your affinity group, you’ll not only enjoy a unique and enriching experience; you’ll be rewarded with FREE travel, CASH, and more through our Group Leader Program. Once your trip begins, your Program Manager or Discovery Leader will handle all the logistics and guide you on the trip of a lifetime, so all you need to do is enjoy the experience with everyone else."

Cruise Opportunities

Anemos Tour Group  Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Italy, Spain. Student tours. Adventure Tours.

How would you like to cruise for Free? You can! Just organize a group of at least 20 people. Friends, relatives, your company, college, church, parish, organization or club.

Anemos Tours group program can offer Free travel to the leader of a group that books group travel arrangements with Anemos Tours. That means we'd like to encourage any experienced traveler or instructor with a dream destination to consider organizing your own group.

Your Group Counselor will work with you and your group. They will handle all the details for you. Each member of your group gets the same personal service and attention just as if they had booked a tour or cruise on their own. Only in this case they save money. Sometimes hundreds of dollars off the brochure price. We can even provide your group with a Free web page!

Here are some other ways to travel for free!

Travel Cheap by Exchanging Homes.  You can travel anywhere in the world for the cost of your plane fare or gas ... by setting up a house exchange in advance.  You can even exchange an RV... or an apartment... or a yacht.

Teachers Travel Free Leading Educational Trips. Cash stipends often available.

Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader  Earn a free trip or cruise or pilgrimage... and in some cases earn as much as $10,000 per trip for you or your church by organizing and leading a tour.

Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep.  Promote Spring Break Travel on your campus, and earn trips and cash. 

Free Trips and Cash as a High School Trip Organizer.  Top organizers earn $10,000.

Free Trips to Israel

Free Gay and Lesbian Travel
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