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Casting Agencies

Casting Call Pro  "... the online casting call solution for actors, presenters, models, agents and casting professionals. Whether you work in theatre, radio, television and film, or corporates, Casting Call Pro (USA) is here to help. Listing the latest acting jobs, auditions and casting calls. Casting Call Pro (USA) offers a free basic service to all members. Simply fill out the registration form to join our central database and be alerted to castings which match your skills."

Explore Talent  "...  is the largest free on-line database for up-to-the-minute industry information." Your free membership gives you a personal website with two photos, a listing in their model database, and access to a resource database with over 20,000 entries. 

Instant Cast 

On Call Talent  Charges $3.95 handling fee for "free" registration that gives you access to information about auditions, open-casting calls, talent showcases, talent and model searches, etc. By registering you qualify for “Steps to Success” E-Book.

Ross Reports  "Connects you to everybody who's anybody... Whether you want to find an agent to represent you, a well-known casting director, or other contacts to help your career, Ross Reports Online offers the entertainment industry's most accurate, up-to-date listings."

MikeLemonCasting is a Philadelphia's premier casting company.  It's a full-service company, casting principals and extras, union and non-union, for feature and independent films, commercials, industrials, voice overs, theatre, live industrials, etc. throughout the mid-Atlantic and nationally via this web site.  Offers a wide variety of casting options: on-camera, voice over, and access to 30,000 talent files.

ArtistWebsite  free casting notices

The Actors Source An extensive compendium of useful links.

TVI Actors Studio Casting and Auditions

Producers Source  Bulletin Board lists openings in a few major cities.

R Cubed Productions
A young independent production company seeking funding and support.

AWOL's Hundreds of Great Acting Links

FREE Job Listing For Actors and Film Makers "If you're producing a movie or music video you can advertise here for free. If you're available to work on student films or small independent movies you can advertise here for free.

Current Job Vacancies in film and TV production.  Lists various non-acting jobs. A free service from Mandy's Directory.

The Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Guide claims to give you a serious, detailed, step-by-step plan on how to obtain work in movies, soap operas, sit-coms, music videos, serial dramas, reality programs, game shows, and more. "It was written for people wanting to break into the industry in their hometown and for those who have aspirations of relocating to Hollywood. Written by Hollywood producer/actor, Mark Farley, the Guide delivers insightful information from an insider's perspective including the following:

Casting Agencies for Extras
Extra Calling Services
Record Keeping
Background Acting
How Much Money Can You Expect To Make?
Game Shows
Soap Operas
More Casting Agencies

The positions discussed in the Guide require no experience or special training. These positions are filled with everyday people - all ages, colors, and sizes."

Worldwide Freelance Directory Television, Radio, Cable, Film, Print and Entertainment Industry professionals from the United States and around the world.

Film Acting Forum  Posts of industry news including casting calls.

Working as a Movie Extra

".... And for pete's sake, don't quit your day job! Extra work doesn't pay very much (as low as $41.20 per day), and the work is spotty. But if you're lucky, the jobs can become a fun hobby and a minor source of extra income...."
s Getting Work as a Movie Extra
A very short and sweet "step by step" guide to getting hired in Hollywood as an extra.

s Central Casting has the largest non-union extras casting roster in the world. Here's information you need to know if you would like to register to work as a non-union extra for Central Casting.

Ryal Haakenson's Experiences of a Movie Extra  This is a FREE on the web book about Ryal's actual real life experiences.

Getting Work as a Movie Extra 

The Care and Feeding of Movie Extras.

Movie Extras Guidebook; How To Make Good Money As A Hollwood Extra

Extra Work for Brain Surgeons. A book to help you find extra work and avoid scams.

Film Extras Coalition  Costs $3 to register as a movie extra. "Want to be in a movie? Chances are you won't get the opportunity unless someone out there knows you are willing and available to participate. Studios are always in need of extras to fill their shots, so why not let it be you. All you have to do is register. Then next time casting is looking for extras, they just might give you a ring.

Nevada Film Office's List of Nevada Extra Casting Agencies.

Want to Write and Market a Screenplay?

FREE Web-based Screenwriting Utility
Script Buddy
: one-of-a-kind Web-based screenwriting utility that allows you to easily author a screenplay in proper format. And best of all, ScriptBuddy is entirely free.

Selling to Hollywood Is America's Premier Scriptwriting Conference

The Screenwriters' Room "Have you ever submitted your screenplay (or teleplay) to an agency, movie star, production
company or studio.. only to receive a "thanks,
but no thanks" whether or not its been read?

"Unsolicited screenplays (i.e. those not submitted by a recognized literary agency) are rarely accepted. If they are accepted, they're read by assistants, interns, or novice readers and fail to attract the attention of the people with the power to buy it. Unsolicited
screenplays are a LOW PRIORITY.

"We can help your screenplay become a HIGH PRIORITY." 

Also click on "Contests" while at this site.

Writers’ Showplace "offers an exciting, efficient, time and cost effective way for Writers to showcase partial manuscripts to Agents and Publishers worldwide. We reduce the mountain of paper in the Agent’s and Publisher’s office to the screen on the corner of the desk. Agents and Publishers who want to request a manuscript, “click” on the E-mail Request and the completed manuscript will be sent by the author via regular mail. Writers' Showplace is not an agent looking for a percentage, a self publisher, an editorial service, or a clearing house. We do not edit
the work submitted or take commissions for work sold. We premier talent!"  Seeking scripts to be optioned and produced.

Hollywood Literary Sales  Submit your storyline free via an online submission form.

Movie Magic's Screenwriter. Software used by the pros.

Done Deal Screenwriting Links

Preditors and Editors 
A guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers!

FREE Post Production Editing Services


Job and Resume Listings in Film Industry

AIVP  Jobs (occasionally), internships and volunteers wanted.
Craig's List

Craig's List  TV, film and radio job posts in the S.F. Bay area.  Crew Gigs in S.F. Bay area. Talent Gigs in S.F. Bay area.

Craig's List  Crew Gigs in LA area.  "We give film and TV crew members everywhere an attractive and well designed place to showcase themselves to entertainment industry employers, with the ability to instantly update their crew resumes 24 / 7."  Resumes can be posted free of charge.  "... quality job leads to below the line crew professionals. Are you looking to work in Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, or Television Shows? Crew Net’s Job Hotline could be one of the most important career investments you could make."  $19.95/mo. for Hotline membership. Resume posting is free.  Post and respond to "crews needed" on message board.

Film Arts Foundation message board for jobs offered and wanted and general networking.  Free classifieds for cast and crew.

IndieClub  Networking actors, filmmakers and crew.  "... one of the largest indie film organizations in the world. We have over 30,000 members around the globe with local IndieClub groups from Australia to Seattle to NY. We have helped thousands of filmmakers, actors and crew network together over the years. Join the family and start working on what you love with people that love what they do."  Free memberships, $24/year "sponsor" memberships.

IndieSlate  "Find business. Find jobs. Find out who's doing what...
Our Production Slate section lists scores of movies and video projects in various stages of development and production, many with cast and crew positions to fill." $4.95/issue.

IndieWire  A great portal to the world of independent filmmaking. Very active classified

MidWest Production Bible.  Annual  listings Cost $15 first, $10 each additional.

New England Film portal to the New England Independent Film Industry. Has classifieds and job positions

North Carolina Film Hotsheet

Resource 411  "411 Publishing provides the entertainment industry with the best, most trustworthy production resources for film, TV, commercials, video and music video production." 

ScreenMag  Classified listings for midwest.   "... is your one-stop shop for all production crew and equipment needs in the USA and around the world. Our comprehensive listings include the best film and video production professionals in the world. We have production crew from DPs to makeup to gaffers, 16mm, 35mm film camera packages, Betacam SP, DigiBeta, PAL or NTSC, jibs, dollies, cranes, lights and audio. All basic services are available at no charge."

American Film Institute 

Articles About Movie Jobs

Movie Studio Positions

Movie Production Positions

Movies: Casting Calls and Extra Work

Actors Unions


Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Some Useful Film-Related Links


20th Century Fox
ABC, Inc.
American Movie Classics
Bravo Cable Network
Cable News Network (CNN)
Fox Family Channel
MCA / Universal
MGM/United Artists
Warner Brothers 


Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
First Entertainment Credit Union
Hollywood Supports
Independent Feature Project/West(IFP)
A Minor Consideration
Motion Picture Assn. of America
Museum of Television & Radio
National Assoc. of TV Program Execs.
Nevada Film Office
Producers Guild of America(PGA)
Sundance Institute

Greater Philadelphia Film Office


All-Movie Guide
American Film Institute (AFI)
The Biz City
Cyber Film School
E! Online
Hollywood Creative Directory
Hollywood Film Institute
Hollywood Network
The Hollywood Reporter
Internet Movie Database
Location Update Magazine
Premiere Magazine
Producer's Source
Showbiz Data
Web Cinema Group



Market Place

eBay Sniper



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