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Toward a Theory of What UFOs Are... and How They Fly
Flocks of Birds... Schools of Fishes ... Einstein... Quantum Physics... Thought Power... Are They All 'Connected'?

Flocks of Birds... Schools of Fish.... Einstein... Quantum Theory... Thought Power.... UFO's... Could they all be related?

Is it possible that there is a means by which, through the influence of 'thought' as in Quantum physics, assemble themselves into a variety of of 'flight-efficient' shapes.... thus creating what we've come to consider 'flying saucers' or 'UFO's'.... vehicles which are capable of instantly changing both shape, direction and speed? Vehicles which are capable of appearing and disappearing in the twinkling of an eye?

I happen to think there is.

We live in a strange and wondrous Universe... and despite the many triumphs of science, there are still mysteries which taunt the minds of scientists and laypeople alike... and which 'science' as we know it, will NEVER be able to explain.

The problem with science is that Quantum Physics has discovered that the outcome of an experiment can be influenced by the observer. If that is the case, then the mind-set, the belief system, of the observer, no matter how 'scientific' he may be, will influence for better or for worse the outcome of any experiment.

In other words, the skeptic will invariably 'prove' his own skepticism, and the 'true believer' will typically 'prove', at least to himself and other 'true believers', their 'true beliefs'.

I believe UFOs are a scientifically inexplicable mystery.

Suspend for just a few minutes your disbelief, and enter into a world in which you are willing to entertain certain 'possibilities' that by themselves are quite ordinary... but when placed together in close proximity... may inspire thoughts which lie outside of that which is considered to be possible.

The purpose of this webpage is to assemble and juxtapose these disparate thoughts and propose that there is a way in which they can be connected to explain the mysteries of UFO's... space travel... and more... as well as to provide 'food for thought'.

My Own'Shape Shifting' UFO Sighting

The UFO moved toward me and my 4 year old daughter, in somewhat 'slow motion' with what I perceived to be 'menacing intent',....

.... it's large flashing balls of red and green colored lights forming a perfect equilateral triangle and moving in rapidly descending glide path toward where I had parked my '56 Caddy at a dead end near a radio tower farm located some distance away and adjacent to a rather isolated patch of tall grass in the vicinity 48th Street, just west of Ludlum Road in southwest Miami. 

NOTE: You can go to and input 4800 SW 69 avenue Miami FL and select 'satellite view' of this location.  You can see the large vacant area I am speaking of.  I believe 40 years ago, there weren't the houses due west of there.

My ufo sighting began when I noticed a bright light moving slowly westward shortly after I drove off from the laundromat located on Bird Avenue in Coconut Grove with my basket of freshly washed clothes around 10 p.m  Both the bright light and my car were moving almost due west... with the light being some 10 blocks or so south of me and fairly low in the sky... at almost the same rate of speed. This light held my attention as it was too bright and moving too slowly to be an airplane. 

Intrigued, I followed the light westward until I got to the dead end near a huge grassy expanse which in those days was  more isolated than it is today, with a large stretch of vacant tall grassland between my car and the railroad tracks and the radio farm which seemed to be the bright light's western-most destination.  I parked the car and stepped outside to get a clearer view of the bright light. My 4 year old daughter Ana remained seated in the passenger's seat and didn't get a clear view of what was happening.

At some point this bright light stopped its westward movement, made a u-turn, and changed shape... almost in a split second, it seemed.

It was now a menacing flying wedge of flashing colored balls emitted a loud 'buzzing' sound.... kind of an angry-sounding ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ ... as it moved in a downward angle straight toward me.

I freaked.  I was totally terrified. I quickly jumped back into the car, started the engine, and made a rapid u-turn and began heading east, in the same direction as the triangle of flashing color lights was now moving.  Only now it had changed and was no longer the flying wedge of lights! 

As I pulled away, I looked up in the sky, and now saw what appeared to be a 'textbook-perfect flying saucer' moving quite slowly maybe 200 feet or so above the car, the houses in the residential neighbood, the trees.  The most notable feature of this 'saucer' was the large, brightly lit  round 'port holes' which rotated in a clockwise motion around the widest circumference of the saucer.  

I remember stopping the car and asking a person who was walking in the street "What is THAT!".

The person shook their head to indicate they didn't know.

Then I watched from the safety of my car as the 'saucer' moved slowly eastward and ever higher in the sky.

Then suddenly, it abruptly assumed a tremendous speed, flying rapidly eastward toward Biscayne Bay for a few seconds, and then almost instantly disappeared.... vanished!

I have thought of the my encounter with the Flying Saucer many times... but haven't dwelt on it... nor have I told many people over the intervening 40 years.

Having seen an actual 'shape shifting' UFO, I have, after many years of thought, come to the conclusion that there is ONLY one explanation for how UFO's 'manifest' themselves, appearing and disappearing, changing shapes, colors, and directions in a less than split second

I believe that there are "Superbeings" who have developed their innate powers, which we all have, to be able to harness the power of the "Cosmic Mind" to 'think' themselves and in and out of 'matter' (or at least what we call 'matter' in this particular 'dimension' of the 'visible spectrum of vibration'... with each 'Superbeing' in instant communication with other 'Superbeings' and with all the 'sub-atomic particles' in the Universe... both those which 'ordinary' people can see, and those which, due to their limited beliefs, cannot see.

This very elegant and simple 'working hypothesis' is

  • Totally in keeping with Quantum Physics as I understand it... using the power of thought at the sub-atomic particle level to alter the outcome of a physical event.  This is stepping outside of the 'conventional' time/space continuum and all of the 'conventional wisdom' explanations for various phenomena and utilizing the full power of an enlightened Divine Cosmic Mind which each of us possesses to manifest, heal, levitate, walk through walls, build pyramids, shape-shift, bi-locate, turn water into wine, part seas, raise the dead, rise up from the dead, ascend, etc.
  • Because each microcosmic 'intelligent' particle/photon has no mass, it explains why there is also no inertia to be overcome.  This explains why a 'flock' of these intelligent microparticles can instantly change shape, color, direction and speed at the SPEED OF THOUGHT.  The shape is assumes is the most efficient one possible for the task at hand.  That's the ONLY possible explanation for the phenomenon I witness back in 1970... of a UFO changing shape.

I am also hypothesizing that ALL OF REALITY... whether currently manifesting as a seemingly solid entity or object or just plain 'thin air'...  is ALL comprised of these micro-cosmic 'intelligent' particle/photons which are in communication with one another and indeed ALL OF REALITY! 

Wow!  That is truly a 'quantum leap of faith', isn't it!

And yet, if you can 'suspend your dis-belief' for just a few minutes and 'hang' with this thought... let's see how many phenomena THIS rather simple, elegant hypothesis can account for virtually ALL of the 'unexplained' mysterious, miraculous phenoma which have occurred throughout the ages... ALL of the phenomena.  This is just taking the basic principles espoused by various New Thought religions and even a literal interpretation of the bible and applying them to EVERYTHING in a slightly new way. 

Here are some of the phenomena this 'hypothesis' explains:

  • Building of the pyramids - there are many who have already asserted the pyraminds have been 'levitated' into existence. This is literally 'thinking them into existence'!
  • Swarming of bees, flocking of starlings, schooling of fish, the 'homing' of pigeons, the ability of animals to find their way home and for flock of geese and other birds to migrate great distances - Explains totally how animals, insects, birds, and humans communicate with one another at the micro--cellular level
  • Instant Healings and Remission of Disease - Using the power of thought to INSTANTLY remove the disease from someone's (or one's own) body just by THINKING the healing and communicating it at the micro-cosmic level to all of the receptive, sentient particles/photons involved.  
  • ESP, mind-reading, predicting the future, etc.  Again this is power of thought communicating with sentient, receptive sub-atomic particles/photons to 'listen' to what's 'going on in another body... without the interference of time or space.
  • Manifesting everything from loaves and fishes to be-jeweled castles or gold coins... seemingly out of thin air.  This explains the ability of yogis and other god-realized beings to perform the 'miracles' they have been reputed to have performed.  
  • Levitating, walking through walls, bending forks, parting the waters, walking on water, bi-locating, time travelling,soul traveling, etc.  Again, the same principle is involved... using the power of thought working with sentient, receptive sub-atomic particles/photons to move instantly and re-position themselves in a new spot... dancing in the process through seemingly solid wall which are also actually comprised of the same sentient, receptive sub-atomic particles/photons... in some cases taking advantage of these microcosmic particles to replicate by cloning.
  • Creating Exquisitely crafted works of art out of the finest materials including marble, gold, diamonds.  Again, this is the same principle: the sentient, receiving/transmitting microcosmic particles comprising human beings working with the sentient, receiving/transmitting microcosmic particles comprising all of matter.
  • Travelling to the outer stars -- using 'flying saucers' whose entire 'body' and inhabitants are comprised of these sentient, receptive sub-atomic particles/photons.

How My Personal Experience with Spirtual Mind Treatment in healing My Malignant Melanoma Enables Me to Believe and Understand the Truth of the Metaphysical Approach to Reality

Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, held that there was only one "essence' in the Universe.

According to Holmes "... Spirit is all there is. He believed that the entire universe, seen and unseen, past, present, and future, whether experienced as thought or materially demonstrated as mineral, plant, animal, or human, is comprised ultimately and solely of this one, invisible, indivisible essence. As others have done, he defined this essence as pure Creative Consciousness, as one Mind expressing its infinite and unbounded capacity for creativity through the consciousness of individualized mind and matter...."

See Spiritual Mind Treatment: An Overview for more information.


Swarming in the 'Right Direction'

Shape-shifting magnetic robots form magnetic swarm... prototypes of robot swarms created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

".... Swarms of robots that use electromagnetic forces to cling together and assume different shapes are being developed by US researchers. The grand goal is to create swarms of microscopic robots capable of morphing into virtually any form by clinging together. Seth Goldstein, who leads the research project at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, in the US, admits this is still a distant prospect. However, his team is using simulations to develop control strategies for futuristic shape-shifting, or "claytronic", robots, which they are testing on small groups of more primitive, pocket-sized machines. These prototype robots use electromagnetic forces to manoeuvre themselves, communicate, and even share power...." CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

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Robot swarms work together to help shift heavy objects

Robot Swarms Evolve Effective Communication

The Robot Army That Thinks for Itself

UAV Swarms "... The skies above future battlefields are likely to be filled with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) monitoring the action and homing in on enemy targets. But how do you control a sky full of UAVs, particularly when communications links with the ground are patchy? Perhaps you don't have to. Yossi Ben Asher and colleagues at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa say UAVs could perhaps control themselves instead. Their idea is for a swarm of UAVs to create its own communications network and swap information to calculate flight paths that avoid collisions. This not only eliminates the need for constant communication with the ground, it can also be used to make the aircraft swarm together, like a cloud of wasps...."Static helps satellites swarm in formation ".... STATIC electricity, the phenomenon that makes your hair stick to a woolly hat or a balloon cling to a wall, could be used to control satellites in space....But maintaining or altering a swarm's formation consumes a lot of fuel. Now researchers at ESA have shown that static electricity can be used to make satellites attract and repel each other, allowing them to be controlled using much less fuel. The charge could be generated using modified versions of conventional ion thrusters... "

UFO Shaped Clouds

The point of these videos is not to suggest that clouds are UFOs... they are actually lenticular altocumulous clouds.... but to point out the UFO-like forms that clouds, which are made up of minute particles of moisture, can take.

Wacky Lenticulars "... These unusual lenticular clouds west of Fort Collins, CO show odd curling behaviors. While stationary in one sense, these dancing clouds are in no way standing still...."
"Something Odd in the Sky"


Einstein's Fascination with the
Flight of Flocks of Birds

Einstein's words to Immanuel Velikovsky during the close of their last meeting, just day's before Einstein died:

".... But soon he sat again close to me, almost touching my left arm, and listened to me, and peace descended on him; his long hair hung framing his face, his eyes were looking across the room through the picture window toward the upper branches of the big trees in the back yard, and the expanse of the sky.

'Oh, look. Please look,' he cried out and grasped my hand, 'the birds are flying in big flocks.'

Hundreds of birds in a fluttering swarm flew at a distance, all in one direction, and the swarm moved in a wave-like motion down and up as they hurried by. I looked for a few moments at the flying birds, and then continued my words. But soon again Einstein, enchanted, looked at another swarm of birds returning from their winter quarters in the south, and again could not resist calling my attention to them. He followed their flight with longing, and his face shone with sweet sadness. It was already the hour of twilight, the trees stood silent outside, still leafless, the branches hardly moving in the stillness of the clear and balmy hour...." from the Immanuel Velikovsky archive project.

Is it possible that Einstein's fascination and awe with the flocks of birds could have evoked certain thoughts and memories which were not quite ready to be awakened.... but were nonetheless lurking just below the level of consciousness... waiting to be re-thought at just the right moment?

Below are some videos of flocking birds. Take the time to study them. Then imagine for a moment that the same 'principles' that enable these birds to fly together and constantly change shape and direction... and attain such beautiful patterns... were to be applied to sub-atomic particles which could be directed by some 'intelligence' into assembling themselves into various shapes which served a specific purpose for optimum flight..

Because these sub-atomic particles had virtually zero mass, and because each of them would, like the birds, be acting independently, there would be virtually zero inertia to be overcome. This 'zero inertia' would enable a 'craft' (or UFO) thus assembled to fly at enormous speeds.... reaching these speeds almost instantly.

This 'zero mass' would also avoid such problems as heat from friction.

And because each of these 'sub atomic particles' by themselves would be invisible to the human eye, a UFO which was assembled from these particles could instantly 'disperse' itself and disappear ... literally into 'thin air'.

I am not a physicist... but I'm sure there are many advanced theories of which I have no knowledge that would lend themselves to amplifying and extending this brief hypothesis which I've put forth. I invite all contributions to add to this dialog.

Quantum Theory's 'Uncertainty Principle' Permits Quantum Teleportation

"Are Chinese Close to Allowing Scottie to Beam 'Em Up?.... Thanks to physics, and the truly bizarre quirks of quarks, Chinese scientists may be perfecting completely spy-proof communications. In May, a team of Chinese scientists announced a successful demonstration of "quantum teleportation," beaming a message more or less instantaneously 10 miles through the air -- a message that's virtually impossible to spy on.... 15 researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing and the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences transmitted one of a pair of related photons -- the elemental particles of light -- through empty space to a base station miles away. Because of the connection between the two photons, changes to one were almost instantaneously reflected by changes in the other particle. Imagine the potential: Create a data link and the message a military commander writes on a piece of paper at headquarters could instantly appear, as it is written, on the desks of his generals miles away. They call it "quantum teleportation" because of the tiny scale of the experiment, and because the information transmission occurs so quickly. Military correspondence on troop movements and raids simply must be secure, and that's where quantum communication really shines. Messages sent in this fashion are theoretically uncrackable due to the mind-warping realities of physics: One aspect to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle suggests that observing a particle changes its state. In other words, if eavesdroppers try to listen in, the sender and receiver should know in real-time." Fox News Sept. 9, 2010

Some Fascinating Videos of Flocking Birds, Swarming Bees and Schooling Fish

Below are some fascinating videos which depict 1) the 'instant' forming of endless patterns... many of which, if only momentarily, resemble the shapes... and shape-shifting... of UFO's. 2) The rapidity with which these 'shapes' can change direction 3) the awesome 'communication' which takes place... which science has yet to figure out. Could it be a form of 'quantum communication'?

Starlings at Otmoor "... An astonishing thing to see - Near Oxford - England. This was filmed at an RSPB reserve called Otmoor. It is the most remarkable thing I have ever seen - and as a video camerman I have some pretty amazing things...."

"Unbelievable flight patterns of birds flying over Termini Station, Rome"

Some more videos of birds in flight:

European starlings going crazy as they do every fall and winter

Starlings flocking before nesting for the night

Starlings over Gretna Southern Scotland

An immense flock of birds in a small Dutch town ".... On a dark sunday afternoon in a small Dutch town called Borculo, an immense flock of birds invades the sky. Watch how they form these huge dark shapes in the sky.,,,:

School of fish forming a sphere
Sardine Run in South Africa... dolphins attack sardine school while sharks swim around....

Honeybees Gang Up to Smother Deadly Hornets ".... Certain honeybees may suffocate an enemy insect to death, new research suggests. Cyprian honeybees will swarm together around a threatening hornet, forming a tightly-packed ball that kills the would-be-invader.... The ball of bees forms in a matter of seconds and traps the wasp inside, depriving it of oxygen for about an hour until it dies.... Exactly how the bees coordinate to form the ball remains unclear, although Papachristoforou suspects the insects might use chemical signals known as alarm pheromones...."


How does a flock of birds wheel and swoop in unison? "... The highly coordinated movements of flocks of birds or schools of fish are among the most fascinating phenomena to be found in nature. The group seems to turn and maneuver as a single unit, changing direction almost instantaneously, leading some researchers to hypothesize that electromagnetic communication or even "thought transference" must be involved. In reality this behavior results from far less mysterious causes. Such movements are a prime example of emergent behavior: the behavior is not a property of any individual bird, but rather emerges as a property of the group itself. There is no leader, no overall control; instead the flock's movements are determined by the moment-by-moment decisions of individual birds, following simple rules in response to interactions with their neighbors in the flock...."

Bird Formation Flight "... The formation flight of birds has been object of speculation and research for a long time. A considerable literature related to observations and theories is also available. However, the quantitative results are often in disagreement....."

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