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What is Cloud Computing
How Can I Use Cloud Computing to Save Money and Grow My Business

What is Cloud Computing?

According to Wikipedia "... is Internet-based computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand, as with the electricity grid. Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization, service-oriented architecture and utility computing. Details are abstracted from consumers, who no longer have need for expertise in, or control over, the technology infrastructure 'in the cloud' that supports them...."

Cloud Computing for Education

229 Resources "... As higher education faces budget restrictions and sustainability challenges, one approach to relieve these pressures is cloud computing. Although distinct definitions of “cloud computing” abound, the concept fundamentally involves delivering technology resources to users over the Internet. With cloud computing, the operation of services moves “above the campus,” and an institution saves the upfront costs of building technology systems and instead pays only for the services that are used. As capacity needs rise and fall, and as new applications and services become available, institutions can meet the needs of their constituents quickly and cost-effectively...."

Cloud Computing Resources "... Cloud computing provides on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources and is a natural evolution of datacenter trends including virtualization, consolidation, and shared services...."

Your Cloud Checklist for 2015 "... Standards will evolve, enabling cloud services to communicate readily with each other, and making it efficient to transfer workloads between various clouds. And, perhaps most importantly, contracts with cloud providers will finally offer IT buyers the assurances they need that their data is safe, portable and accessible around the clock...."

Oracle's Larry Ellison" What the Hell is Cloud Computing"

Ellison says it's just a marketing gimmick... a new name for what Oracle's been doing for 10 years.



Cloud Computing Explained

How Businesses Can Use Cloud Computing to Run Apps to Their Advantage

Cloud computing is a scalable, less expensive, faster and more secure way of running business apps.


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