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Wooden Mannequins
Posable Wooden Art Mannequin. Drawing Mannequin.

Wooden Mannequins -- Sometime known as 'Artist's Mannequins' or 'Artist's Jointed Model' -- have taken on a life of their own as an iconic image representing 'everyman' in an non-threatening, anonymous and usually royalty-free way.

I think everyone has been fascinated at one time or another with the poseable ball-jointed (usually) wooden artist's models that can be used to visualize drawing the human form in various poses without having to locate or pay a real life model for having to maintain a pose for minutes or even hours on end.

Trip to Thrift Store Scores a Vintage 26" (if it's head weren't missing) Poseable Wooden Mannequin.

There he was, alone and abandoned on a shelf with used electronics while dozens of women busied themselves searching for ordinary household items and clothing. Was it his missing head that had turned them off... or his missing left forearm and hand that had made him less than desireable? Who knows! But from the moment I spotted him, I knew he was meant for me! For it's my intention to give him a new head and a prosthesis for his forearm and hand so that he may be restored to his former height and beauty.

I have searched the Internet lookng for another like him, but so far, no luck. If anyone knows anything about this beauty, please email me at TheLivingWeb (see address below in footer).

According to Wikipedian " .... A mannequin (also called manikin, mannikin, dummy, or lay figure) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, and others especially to display or fit clothing.... Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning "an artist's jointed model", which in turn came from the Middle Dutch word mannekijn, meaning little man, figurine...."

Wooden Mannequin

A Wooden drawing aid goes on an adventure


Antique and Vintage Wooden Mannequins

Jean Lotz's Doll Pages have several examples of vintage wooden mannequins including life size mannequins and mannequins with detailed features and hands.

"... Artist's Mannequins (or Manikin or "lay figures") are wonderfully jointed dolls available in many different sizes, and are an important tool in an artists studio. Typically they are posed to imitate a motion that the artist is trying to capture.

Early figures had carved details in the hands, face and feet. In a portrait painter's studio, an appropriately dressed mannequin could "stand in for a sitter" relieving the sitter for many tedious hours while the artist rendered the folds of the costume as well as posture.

Some mannequins have been converted into dolls by dressing them.

Modern mannequins have been used as "artist challenges" - to use the mannequin as a part of a larger work of art or to decorate the mannequin in some artistic way. Very interesting creations have come out of these challenges...."

CLICK HERE to see photos of some interesting vintage mannequins and more details about the history of the mannequin.

Contemporary Replicas of Antique Wooden Artist's Mannequins

David Hall's Half Penny Mannequins ".... an exact copy of a Victorian Artists Mannequin, the only difference being the original was 16 inches ( 40 cm ) tall whereas the Half Penny Mannequin is 5 ft 4 inches (163 cm ) tall...."

Fly! Wooden Mannequin
Lives The Da Vinci Dream

Nicolas Pillard's "Fly!" short film - where a wooden mannequin strives to achieve Leonardo da Vinci's dream of flying - has won the CINEMA 4D animation contest at Mediaworks France:

Free Wooden Mannequin Art Several poses of wooden mannequin. Free account.

Free Wooden Mannequin Word Press Theme


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