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How to Bid on and Win a Toyota Prius Auction on eBay at Lowest Price!
Live eBay auctions for Toyota Prius Hybrids. Use sniping software and win at lowest price.

Current Live eBay Auctions on Toyota Prius Hybrids ....
and How to Win a Prius Auction at the Lowest Price.
The Toyota Prius Hybrid is a much sought after car... and a great way to save money on gas. One way to get a Toyota Prius at a low price is to "snipe" a bid on eBay. Sniping is a legal way of bidding at the last minute. We use a free service called Gixen which utilizes software to automatically place a proxy bid for you in the final few seconds. This prevents your bids starting a 'bidding war'. Just put in the highest price you are willing to pay. Then sit back and watch!



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