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Looking for a Fun Way to Make Some Extra Cash Part Time? Or An Exciting Way to Earn a Full Time Living?

Why not thoroughly enjoy what you do for a living by seeking a job that jibes with what you really love to do!

Start by making a list of all of the FUN things you really love to do, whether you think they will make you money or not.

Write down all of your interests, hobbies, things you normally do in your spare time, what your DREAM JOB would look like, what you would do if you had all the money in the world and could do whatever you want. Indulge your wildest dreams and fantasies in compiling you list.

Then start looking at the list we've put together just to give you an idea of the kind of non-boring, exciting fun jobs there are. This is just to get you started. Next, try Googling the various types of activities on YOUR list of favorite things to do... and see what kinds of jobs are available in those areas.

Need experience to get hired? Try working at first for free as an intern or apprentice.

A sampling of fun jobs

Inertia Tours  "... the fastest growing student travel Company in the United States, is seeking individuals for a variety of fun positions. Our Company spells high energy & excitement, and we’re looking for individuals that are success-minded, and are curious about pursuing a position in travel. Inertia markets its spring break, winter break, and high senior grad trips to Cancun, Acapulco, Jamaica, South Padre Island, and Breckenridge, Colorado to high school and college students.... nearly all positions are sales-oriented...."

MTV Shows Casting Calls "... Think you got what it takes to be MTV's next star, or do you maybe want to check out a show from the studio audience? Check out our casting section to find out how you can experience MTV first hand...." There are DOZENS of MTV reality shows and show segments that are seeking fresh talent.

Cirque du Soleil ".... Circus performers, athletes, dancers, musicians (instrumentalists & singers), clowns, actors and other talents.... Technical production and operations, performance medicine, artistic direction and show management..."

Blue Man Group Jobs and careers... both as ''Blue Men" and in support roles.

Making it as a Model

How to Become a Model "... A lot of people want to be a model because it's glamorous and sexy. However, it's an extremely competitive and grueling business that will more likely break you than make you. Here are some cold, hard truths about becoming a model, as well as some realistic advice to make it happen...."

SoYouWannaBe a Model ".... Maybe you've dreamed of gliding down the catwalk in Milan, flashbulbs popping all around, hundreds of people focusing their attention on your grace and beauty. The closets of your Paris apartment are stuffed full of expensive designer clothing, and tomorrow you fly back to New York just in time to catch a party attended by your good friends, Kate Moss, Keanu Reeves, and Ben Affleck. Nice dream. Now wake up...."

Model LIfestyle Social networking for the modeling industry. Large US database modeling jobs

How to Videos & Articles:

Fun jobs in the theatre

The AFTA-SAG Young Performers Handbook

Playbill Online's LIstings of Theatre Related Jobs.  You need to join their online club for FREE to access these... but if you live in New York or LA, this is a great resource!

Check Out These Other TLW Webpages

Movie Jobs How to locate jobs in the movie industry.

Independent Films  Guide to Indie Films, including how to make them.  Societies, Insider news, etc.

Film Festivals  Guide to Indie Film Festivals worldwide.

Cheap and Free Travel

Not only can you have you entire travel expenses paid, but you can often earn as much as $10,000 a trip!

Travel Cheap by Exchanging Homes.  You can travel anywhere in the world for the cost of your plane fare or gas ... by setting up a house exchange in advance.  You can even exchange an RV... or an apartment... or a yacht.

Travel for Free as a Tour Leader.  Organize a safari... or a scuba diving tour... or cruise the world. We have found travel agencies who are ACTIVELY seeking tour leaders.  Some of them even provide extensive promotional help... including brochures and websites.

Teachers Travel Free Leading Educational Trips. Cash stipends often available.

Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader  Earn a free trip or cruise or pilgrimage... and in some cases earn as much as $10,000 per trip for you or your church by organizing and leading a tour.

Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep.  Promote Spring Break Travel on your campus, and earn trips and cash. 

Free Trips and Cash as a High School Trip Organizer.  Top organizers earn $10,000.

Free Travel Directory 

Home Exchange Directory



When Work is Play "... Our mission here at JobMonkey is to help you find seasonal or year-round jobs working for employers who can offer you unique opportunities to travel the world, have fun, and earn good money doing it.... " A free membership gives you access to 100,000+ jobs in the following categories:

Alaska Fisheries
Cruise Lines
Great Outdoors

Airlines & Airports

Land Tours 
Casinos & Gaming
Resorts & Attractions
Ski Industry
Teach Abroad

Summer Jobs

Omega Institute  a holistic healing center in Rhinebeck NY "... Each year, hundreds of staff join Omega to be a part of something larger than themselves and to work and grow alongside like-minded people. A season at Omega offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Omega's goal of raised consciousness..."

Cool Works  "... is about you finding a seasonal job or career in some of the greatest places on Earth. Get a summer job in Yellowstone, Yosemite, or another national park. Find a summer job as a camp counselor. Ski resorts, ranches, theme parks, tour companies and more are waiting for you...."

Camp Channel  Job Board lists summer camp job openings.

Resort Jobs "... features worldwide resort jobs with ski and snowboard resorts, camps, national parks, cruise ships, restaurants and hotels...."

National Park Service Careers "... We care for and conserve special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.  From the Statue of Liberty to the geysers of Yellowstone, to the vistas of the Grand Canyon and the volcanoes of Hawaii, the National Park Service is part of the fabric of American life.  You can be part of this exciting and important mission! NPS offers a broad range of job opportunities.  From permanent career positions to temporary and seasonal positions, NPS offers a variety of exciting and rewarding assignments across the country in some of the most beautiful and historic sites on earth...."

Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal Employment  ".... We have jobs and information listed about many diffrent kinds of Seasonal Jobs, Winter Jobs, Summer Jobs, Ski Resort Jobs, Camp Jobs, and Cruise Ship Jobs. Whatever type of seasonal jobs you are looking for we will help....." "... Summer Camps are looking for summer staff for the upcoming summer. If you are interested in a summer camp job, our job postings describe summer jobs available with links to each camp. If you do not find your ideal job here, check our complete summer camps list, as many have unannounced summer camp jobs shown on their individual websites..." "... offers summer jobs and seasonal staff positions with camps, amusement parks, resorts, national parks, hotels, environmental organizations and more..."

International Employment ".... comprehensive Web portal and webzine for work, study, travel, and living abroad... offers expert advice, inspirational first-hand experiences, and practical resources for the student, freelancer, and professional who wish to find jobs overseas for the summer or for the coming year(s).... Work teaching English abroad, volunteer work, and freelance jobs of all kinds are an increasingly attractive option to many in the face of the current global recession—and we have the participant reports and resources to help you make it happen...." ".... is the leading international education and experiential travel resource. Our directories contain over 17,000 opportunities abroad updated daily including study abroad, internships, volunteer opportunities, teach abroad, language schools and much more..."

Teach English as a Second Language

If you enjoy traveling...  consider teaching ESL as a means to supporting your passion for travel and adventure. This is a great way to see a country from the perspective of a "local". "... You get free listings of ESL jobs from employers around the world. Want to teach English abroad or closer to home? Whether you call it ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESL, or TESOL, finding your next English teaching jobs could be only a few easy mouse clicks away!.." a free ESL community for students and teachers.

Fun Jobs at Zoos and Aquariums

Zookeeping as a Career "... A career as a zoo keeper offers a unique opportunity in the specialized and demanding profession of maintaining captive exotic animals for conservation, research, public education and recreation...."

Association of Zoos and Aquariums Listing of current job openings

American Association of Zookeepers Job List They also have some Internships listed.

Have Fun as an Astronaut

NASA Astronaut "... NASA selects astronauts from a diverse pool of applicants with a wide variety of backgrounds. From the thousands of applications received, only a few are chosen for the intensive Astronaut Candidate training program. Including the 'Original Seven', only 321 astronauts have been selected to date...." on "How Do I Become an Astronaut "... If you are looking for a career that combines cool technology, interesting science and great adventure, you could hardly make a better choice than becoming an astronaut. And there is potential for growth in the field...."

How to Become and Astronaut ".... If you dream of your own space odyssey, you can apply to become an astronaut in Russia, Canada and the United States of America, and in Europe through the European Space Agency, to name a few...."

Reflections of a Would-Be Astronaut, 40 Years Later "... I spent countless hours doodling pictures of rockets, astronauts, and the LEM, the lunar landing module, which I thought was just the coolest alien-looking thing I had ever seen, imagining what it would be like to be one of the astronauts landing on the moon for the first time...."

Student Jobs "... the one-stop portal for a range of employment opportunities for student within the Federal Government, whether in high school, college, or graduate school..."


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