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Electroform jewelry. The electroforming process.

The Art of Creating Electroform Jewelry

Dalmar states "... Most everyone is familiar with leafs,  shells and flowers that are covered with gold sold in gift shops and tourist stops. They have had the metal electroformed right over the leaf, shell or flower and made into jewelry. Dalmar Mfg Co. was started by manufacturing electroformed jewelry back in 1971. After the line of jewelry was shown to the public, everyone wanted to know how it was made. Soon Dalmar started manufacturing machines and chemicals instead of the line of jewelry. When electroforming on organic items such as flowers, leaves and sea shells the pieces should first be coated with lacquer, varnish or a clear plastic to preserve and stiffen them, which makes them easier to handle...." CLICK HERE for more information. Dalmar also offers electoforming and electroplating kits and materials.

Electroforming Jewelry according to Shor International "... Electroforming permits the creation of jewelry designs with flowing undercuts and shapes impossible to achieve with stamping. These examples are from Skalet Gold's 18k Papillon artform collection (top led*), Carla Corp's CaSandra Collection (top right and bottom left) and from Enthone OMI, utilizing the company's Artform Excell process. When laymen talk about electroforming, they like to use the analogy of an M & M candy: if you sucked out the chocolate so that all you were left with was the shell, and that shell were gold, you'd have an electroform...

"....The procedure begins in a manner similar to casting, with the construction of cores or "mandrill." For a typical 'hot-bath' electroforming system, these cores are constructed out of a tin-lead bismuth alloy. (There are also 'cold bath' systems that utilize wax mandrill.) The cores are constructed by means of familiar white metal spin casting technology: the alloy is injected into a ring mold, and the mandrill are then removed, de-gated and finished.

The quality of this finish is crucial, since any defects on the original mold will be amplified during the gold deposition process. Completed electroforms contain so little workable metal that they cannot be 'cleaned up' at a later stage of the electroforming process...." CLICK HERE for the rest of the electroforming process.



Some Manufacturers of Electroform Jewelry

Realm of the Goddesss on electroforming "... Real Leaves Preserved in 24Kt Gold – 24kt Gold Electroform Jewelry The beauty of this process is that each piece of jewelry is made from a real leaf so each one is unique. No two are alike. The process is called Electroforming. We take a hand picked real leaf and hand paint the surface with a copper based paint. Once the natural surface is coated with the copper metal we are able to dip the leaves into a solution of 24kt gold or other specialized metal finishes such as Silver, Pink Copper, Iridescent Copper, Black, Cobalt Blue on Black, Rainbow Iridescent Copper, Antique Copper, Antique Silver, Antique Brass, Antique Gold and Green Copper Patina. The result is a beautiful leaf that is preserved in pure 24kt gold or other finishes...."

Electroforming Supplies

American GoldPlating Electroforming equipment and supplies.


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