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How To Make Extra Cash Selling on eBay
Create extra income in your spare time by selling unwanted household items on eBay

How Anyone Can Make Extra Money Selling on Ebay

Millions of successful eBay sellers are PROOF that's it's simple for just about anyone with a computer, a digital camera and a connection to the Internet to make extra cash from home in their spare time selling on eBay. Some eBay sellers even do well enough to make $1000's of dollars a month.

Start Making Money on eBay Today without Investing a Dime!

Although it's possible to make money on eBay without a digital camera by having an eBay Selling Assistant do it for you and giving up a percentage of the money you make ... just about anyone who has some 'stuff' lying around the house or in the garage that they want to get rid of can start making money on eBay without investing a dime.

Take Full Advantage of All Free eBay Selling Resources

The best way to get started selling on eBay without investing a cent is to look at the eBay Seller Resources page.

There you will find a wide range of tools and advice... everything from the basics like signing up for an eBayseller account to eBay seller tips and seller education to easy access to the entire eBay Seller community.

Use Auctiva. They offer everything from free templates, free scrolling galleries, to free photo hosting.

Start By Looking Around the House or In Your Garage or Storage Unit... and Sell What Your No Longer Use, Need or Wear

While many people resort to buying 'hot items' wholesale, you will probably want to start out selling on eBay on a risk-free basis by auctioning of the 100's of items that are just lying around the house or taking up valuable storage space that you would rather have cash for:

  • Books you've already read
  • Clothes, shoes, handbags, etc., you or your children or spouse ha've outgrown or grown tired of
  • CD's, DVD's, Video Games you don't watch or play
  • Inherited antiques that don't suit your lifestyle or decor
  • Electronic equipment you''ve replaced with upgrades
  • Small appliances you don't use
  • Vintage cameras
  • Costume and vintage jewelry you don't wear
  • Collections of stamps, money, etc., you've lost interest in

Buy Wholesale and Have Your Items Dropshipped Directly to Your Buyer

Once you've gone through your 'free' inventory (from your unwanted household item) you'll probably want to look for additional products to sell. One route is to find popular items at a wholesale price and have them dropshipped to your buyers.

Wholesale Suppliers & Wholesale Products is an excellent source for wholesale and dropshipped items to sell on eBay

How to Save Time and Money on Shipping Your Sold eBay Items

  • Use the eBay Shipping Calculator to figure out your postage.
  • Order your shipping supplies from the Post Office and have them delivered to you.
  • Print your shipping label using Paypal and get FREE delivery confirmation. This is a significant time and money saver!
  • Call the Post Office and schedule a pickup for your packages

Your eBay Listing is KEY to Selling Your Items on eBay for Top Dollar

Make sure that you take FULL ADVANTAGE of the tools, options and space you have on eBay to make it easy for buyers to find your listing and to showcase it in the best possible light.

  • Take advantage of the 55 characters and spaces in the subject line to pack it FULL of SEARCHABLE KEY WORDS. To get ideas for what "key words' people search on, search on similar auctions and look at the COMPLETED AUCTIONS, organized by highest price first, to see what key words successful eBay sellers have used. Make a list of them and use the most successful. Forget adjectives, exclamations (WOW!), and words like "and", "the", etc. Leave off "s's". Take advantage of recognized abbreviations like" vtg" for vintage, "NR" for "No Reserve", "NWT" for "new with tags", and so forth.
  • Use the right selling category. Again, look at COMPLETED AUCTIONS for similar items, arranged by highest price, to see what category or categories sell the best.
  • Take lots of really good photos from many angles including lots of closeups where needed. The more you can show a prospective buyer EXACTLY what they are buying, the more bids you are likely to get.
  • Use the "add a second line" option. This helps you stand out from the crowd and is well worth the tiny extra cost.
  • When you have an item you KNOW is popular enough to sell "for sure" at a substantial price, choose the "Featured Plus" option so that it is on TOP of the page that it would normally appear on. Some items may "guaranteed" sell for enough to warrant the "Featured First" option, where your listing will appear on the FIRST PAGE of every search.


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Ebay is a Terrific Way for the Average Person to Make Some Extra Cash in Their Spare Time

The economy is slowing down to a crawl and hundreds of thousands of people are being laid off. One great way to prepare for a possible layoff is to start looking at the various ways you can create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME from home in your spare time. The Internet is the ideal vehicle for generating extra cash. And eBay is one of the top ways that just about anyone can learn to create extra cash without investing a lot of time or money in starting up a new business.

Here is Some Information to Help You Get Started Selling

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