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Save on Groceries: Shop ONLY Weekly Specials and Stock Pile.

Cut your grocery bill in HALF by viewing local grocery stores' sales flyers and circulars online, shopping at ALL these stores weekly and stockpiling the specials.

1. Go to the list of grocery store below and find at least three, four or five grocery stores within an hour's drive of your home, then click on the "Weekly Specials"

2. Make a list of all the specials in all the stores.

3. Go shopping and buy LOTS of what's on special.  In other words, STOCKPILE.

4. Try to buy ONLY what's on special.  Make a game of doing this.  By shopping at multiple stores, you can effect some amazing savings.

5.  Repeat weekly, as the specials will continually change.  Focus on buying UNPROCESSED FOOD: fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, and staples like rice, beans, olive oil,

6.  If you do this week after week, you can literally cut your grocery bill in half -- or even more.

Grocery Store Weekly or Monthly Specials Pages

It used to be that you had to drive all over the place looking for your grocery stores weekly specials... and not knowing, until you were through shopping, if you were getting the best deal or not.

Now you can PLAN your weekly shopping expedition in advance by viewing the weekly "specials flyer" online for  ALL the stores in your area... even those that might be slightly outside of your typical shopping area or might be those at which you don't typically don't shop.

A & P 

BigLots  Sign up for email notification
Click on individual store.
King Soopers
K-Mart  Doesn't contain meat and produce specials.  Worth checking store weekly.
Sam's Club    Type in a type of grocery in the "find" box, and follow instructions
Sappington International Farmers Market
Scolaris Food & Drug Nevada  Click on "Nevada"
Super 1 Foods  Click on State
Wegmans  ( You have to register for this)





How to Save Money on Your Groceries by Copying the Buying Habits of Successful Frugal Shoppers

The best way to save money on groceries is to study the grocery shopping habits of the most frugal grocery shoppers in the country. We've assembled some videos to help you learn the best shopping habits.

Below is a video which takes you on an actual grocery shopping trip with 'America's Cheapest Family'.

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